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We know rope. Our customized, high-performance synthetic solutions are designed to outperform in the harshest environments. From aerospace and defense to marine, offshore, renewables, aquaculture and beyond, we continue to transform the way work gets done.

Exceptional Performance


Field-tested by military forces worldwide, Cortland International’s ropes, slings, and tethers offer exceptional strength with significantly less weight than steel alternatives. Designed with advanced materials like UHMWPE, Vectran®, Zylon® (PBO), and Technora®, they excel in extreme environments. Our expertise extends to protective jacketing, crafting custom military and defense cable constructions, from aerial recovery cables to harnesses.

With decades of experience and an understanding of government procurement, we provide custom-configured solutions, rigorously tested to meet exact specifications. Customers worldwide trust Cortland International for lightweight, high-performance fiber rope solutions that ensure reliability and efficiency in critical missions.

CAST OFF with Confidence

Navigating the seas of offshore, harbor and river operations demands unwavering reliability. At Cortland International, we create high-performance lines using cutting-edge HMPE fibers, including our renowned Plasma® TORO, TUFFLEX, MOORTUF FX and SUPERTUF brand. These lines combine strength, reliability, and flexibility with exceptional abrasion resistance for enduring performance in harsh marine environments.

Our ropes are used to bring food, fuel, and supplies to some of the most remote areas of the world.

Our success is based on close interaction with tug operators. Years of global tug, berthing, lifting and mooring experience means you can trust Cortland International for complete line packages.


As companies trend away from oil and gas and toward a lower-carbon frontier, established offshore technologies remain at the forefront: lightweight, high-performance synthetic solutions help operators work faster and safer, supporting sustained operational excellence. We understand the criticality of efficiency and safety, in even the most extreme sea conditions.

We have an unrivaled understanding of fiber and rope performance behaviors to provide the safest, most effective solution no matter the application. With more than four decades of offshore experience, we continue to make the industry’s most difficult projects possible: from designing a rope heavy enough to sit on the sea floor but light enough for an ROV to manipulate, to engineering lifting solutions for the world’s deepest production sites. We are the most experienced company with synthetics in the offshore energy industry for heavy lift slings, MWA tethers & deepwater deployment and recovery systems, as well as lightweight, high-performance synthetic rope solutions for general marine applications.

Harness the strength of Synthetic Solutions

For over four decades, we’ve pioneered the shift from steel wire ropes to synthetic solutions in heavy lifting industries, offering a diverse range of high-tensile strength ropes for applications from construction to safety.

Our synthetic fiber ropes offer exceptional strength, precision lengths, and minimal elongation under heavy loads, all while being significantly lighter than steel wire rope.

This means reduced crane restrictions, improved hand comfort, and surface protection for your lifted cargo. Plus, our rigorous testing ensures maximum safety. Whether for critical lifts or standard use, Cortland International’s unrivaled recognition in the Industrial and Safety sector ensures operational efficiency worldwide.


In the ever-evolving world of Aquaculture and Fishing, durability reigns supreme, and synthetic rope is a game-changer. As industry pioneers, Cortland International manufactures ropes and netting solutions that check every box.

Whether you’re looking for netting with excellent floatability and resistance to marine organisms or seek mooring lines with a low stretch factor as well as strength and durability, our synthetic solutions stand as beacons of sustainability, enduring the rigors of daily use.

With an unparalleled reputation in the Fishing and Aquaculture sector, we ensure that these solutions not only meet but exceed industry standards, underlining our commitment to providing lasting, dependable, and efficient tools for the aquatic frontier.


Cortland International’s ropes and netting solutions are meticulously engineered to cater to the rigorous demands of the Sports and Recreation industry. We prioritize high-tensile toughness, ensuring that our products offer exceptional strength and durability, essential qualities for sports arenas and recreational facilities. Our expertly designed solutions are functionally superior, aesthetically pleasing, and can be customized to precisely match your unique requirements.

With a strong track record of providing robust support to renowned stadiums and sports centers, Cortland International stands as a trusted name in the global Sports and Recreation sector.

We have used your rigging products in the industry for a long time and are a firm believer in the quality Cortland provides. We prefer your products over others due to the amount of technical information you have available to end users, specifically the Bending Guidance reduction factor with an inadequate D:d ratio. This is what we would like to teach our clients and showcase the exceptional products and data your team offers.”

Matthew Moreau
Schram Crane and Rigging Ltd.

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