What's Possible

Continuously pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to deliver customized synthetic solutions that are stronger than steel, safer by design, and over 80% lighter than steel rope.

Accelerating Innovation

As the largest rope manufacturer in the world, we’re growing, expanding our extensive portfolio, and accelerating innovation to create a safer, more secure, and sustainable way to work.

Our 30+ years of continuous innovation is fueled by deep technical expertise; delivering customized high-performance synthetic solutions that help solve the most complex challenges across diverse markets.

Engineered to Empower


At Cortland International, advanced engineering excellence, state-of-the-art machinery, and superior quality raw materials come together to deliver technically advanced synthetic solutions designed for the way you work.

Our unrivaled manufacturing capabilities—including the world’s largest 12-Strand braider and the ability to produce at a wide scale—paired with our deep engineering expertise enable us to deliver solutions tailored to meet the highest demands across virtually every industry.


Our unparalleled expertise ignites opportunities to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Our solutioneers share their knowledge, experience, and industry expertise across diverse industries. Passionate problem-solvers, we thrive on defining breakthrough solutions that exceed expectations.

Consummate collaborators, we are infinitely curious, continuously identifying new ways to transform ideas into reality, creating a safer, more sustainable world today, and for generations to come.


Cortland International is committed to delivering superior quality products that make it easier to work, increase productivity and enhance safety for personnel and products.

We contribute to efficiency in global supply chains, reduce loss risk to meet end user commitments and lower total cost of ownership.

We offer competitive pricing, reliability, exceptional value, and superior before, during and after-sales service and technical support when and where it’s needed, worldwide.


Caring for our customers, our co-workers, our community, and our environment are core principles of our business. We build lasting relationships based on trust and long-term cooperation.

Performance-driven, we are stewards of business results for Cortland International and for our customers.

We’re focused on safety, protecting our customer’s human capital, transforming the way people work and ensuring they are future ready.

The Way

Cortland International brings together industry leaders with decades of experience delivering superior quality synthetic rope products and customized solutions that provide unparalleled value for our customers.

A recognized industry-leader, with deep technical expertise, Cortland has been defining customized synthetic solutions for more than 30 years, that are stronger than steel, last longer, are safer by design and over 80% lighter than steel rope.

Decades of experience in customer-centric product development, Tufropes has one of the largest vertically integrated manufacturing facilities in the world with the capacity of 70,000 MT p.a. across 7 facilities and over 35,000 SKUs, delivered in 70+ countries.

More Than Rope

Inspired solutioneers, we are meeting the needs of diverse industries, connecting people with innovative, future ready products and solutions that make work, play and everyday life easier and safer.

We were impressed with your rigging solution from the outset of this unusual project. The team was meticulous in its preparations and the product supplied ensured a successful end result, dovetailing well with the Barnhart lifting equipment.”

David McMullen

Project Manager, Barnhart

Global Impact

Our growing global footprint strategically positions us to serve customers in over 70 countries.

Current News

Cortland International brings together two well-known industry leaders: Cortland and Tufropes. Combined, Cortland International’s brands operate the world’s largest synthetic rope manufacturing organization with capacity to produce over 70,000 metric tons of rope and netting solutions per year.

Our direct sales and distribution networks enable us to serve customers in several industries throughout Europe, Asia, the Americas and Australasia.

TORONTO, JULY 11, 2023


Aimia Inc. announced today that its Tufropes subsidiary has acquired Cortland Industrial, LLC (“Cortland”) from Enerpac Tool Group Corp. (“Enerpac”) for $26.6(1) million.

TORONTO, Nov. 1, 2023


Aimia Inc. announced the appointment of Mr. Stuart Janke as Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Brian Pettipas as Chief Financial Officer of the combined Cortland and Tufropes businesses under the Cortland International (“Cortland”) brand, effective immediately.

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