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Continuously pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to deliver customized synthetic solutions that are stronger than steel, safer by design, and over 80% lighter than steel rope.

Cortland is a leading global designer, manufacturer, and supplier of technology-driven synthetic ropes, slings and tethers to the Aerospace & Defense, Marine, Renewables, and other diversified industrial end markets.

An industry leader with deep technical expertise, we are continuously defining innovative, first-to-markets solutions to meet the most demanding requirements on land, at sea and in the air.

With decades of use and tens of thousands of applications, our Cortland Plasma® 12×12—that purple rope—is still leading the industry.

We share our extensive knowledge, experience, and industry expertise, collaborating to meet each customer’s unique needs.

Tufropes is a leading global manufacturer of high-performance synthetic fiber ropes and netting solutions for the industrial, shipping, fishing, aquacultural and sports markets.

With decades of experience in customer-centric product development we’ve built lasting relationships based on trust and long-term collaboration.

Our world-class premium manufacturing base services customers in over 70 countries.

Our extensive R&D capabilities fuel relentless innovation, continuously transforming the way we live, work, and play around the globe.

Our people centric inclusive culture is focused on taking care of each other, our clients and our community.

Building The Future Together

Cortland International brings together a team of relentless innovators who have been driving transformation across the rope industry for decades.

Creating first-to-market technologically superior products is in our DNA.
As consummate collaborators, our solutioneers work closely with customers across diverse industries, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to solve their toughest challenges.

We Connect

From mountains to harbors, we create connections, building long-term relationships based on trust and our commitment to deliver a stronger, safer, and more sustainable world for generations to come.

Consummate collaborators, we’re passionate problem solvers. We transform ideas into solutions with lasting impact.

Our custom solutions are designed to outperform in the toughest environments on land, at sea and in the air. Together, we’re changing the world.

Accelerating Innovation

Our 30+ years of continuous innovation were fueled by deep technical expertise; delivering customized high-performance synthetics solutions that help solve the most complex challenges across diverse markets.

As the largest rope manufacturer in the world, we’re growing, expanding our extensive portfolio, reaching new markets, and accelerating innovation to create a safer, more secure, and sustainable world.

Solutions At Scale

Our unrivaled manufacturing capabilities—including the world’s largest 12-Strand braider paired with our deep engineering expertise enables us to deliver a broad range of solutions tailored to the highest demands across all industries.

Through our global distribution network, we serve customers in over 70 countries with 7 production facilities producing 70,000 MT pa.

With over 35,000 SKUs and customized solutions for the most demanding challenges, customers worldwide rely on Cortland International.

Synthetic Fiber Solutions That Outperform

Inspired solutioneers, we are meeting the needs of diverse industries, connecting people with innovative, future ready products and solutions that make work, play and everyday life easier and safer.

We trust Cortland for their engineering expertise and their strong track record in providing synthetic slings for critical heavy lifts. Their recommendation to use both Plasma® 12×12 rope slings, and Selantic® round slings, was the solution we needed.”

Dirk-Jan Mattaar

Principal Engineer

Seaway Heavy Lifting

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