Our team of solutioneers have been driving industry wide transformation for more than 30 years. With over 30 break-through, first to market solutions and one of the highest numbers of patented solutions in the industry, we continue reimagining what’s possible and making it a reality.

Safety & Sustainability

Lower Environmental Impact

The durability, longevity, and eco-friendly characteristics of synthetic solutions reduce the need for frequent replacements, minimizing habitat and ecosystem disruption and overall environmental impact compared to traditional materials like natural fibers or steel.


For personnel and equipment, synthetic rope is safer. Synthetic ropes reduce ‘snap-back effect’ preventing damage or injury caused by steel wire breakage. Its soft finish is easy to handle, and lighter weight helps prevent injuries. If it should break, synthetic rope fails thread by thread rather than recoiling uncontrollably.


Synthetic rope plays pivotal role as progressive industries seek to harness the power of renewable energy. They transport floating wind turbines, secure them to the seabed, assemble the turbines in place and tether the electrical cables to the seabed.


Caring for our customers, our co-workers, our community, and our environment are core principles of our business. We build lasting relationships based on trust and long-term cooperation.

Performance-driven, we are stewards of business results for Cortland International and for our customers.

We’re focused on safety, protecting our customer’s human capital, transforming the way people work and ensuring they are future ready.

Trust The Purple

Some 20+ years ago, the engineers at Cortland set out to build a better synthetic rope solution. One with greater strength than anything ever manufactured. One that could handle virtually every environmental condition on land, water and in the air. And one whose design enables field repairs to keep mission-critical operations up and running.

No other manufacturer approaches 12×12 like Cortland. From reliability design and engineering, to testing, field trials, residual strength analysis and inspection, we’ve put together the perfect formula that others simply can’t replicate.

With decades of use and tens of thousands of applications, Cortland Plasma® 12×12—that purple rope—is still leading the industry.

Pushing The Boundaries

Our innovative solutioneers pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for over 30 years, defining safe, sustainable, and innovative solutions that deliver lasting impact. We continue to design first-to-market solutions that are transforming the way work gets done.

Creating The
Future Together

Our 30+ years of continuous innovation is fueled by deep technical expertise; delivering customized high-performance synthetics solutions that help solve the most complex challenges across diverse markets.

As the largest rope manufacturer in the world, we’re growing, expanding our extensive portfolio, and accelerating innovation to create a safer, secure, and sustainable way to work.

We have been aware of Plasma® rope slings as a lifting and lowering solution since they were used in a testing environment several years ago. It was obvious that they were easier to handle and rig than wire alternatives. Recent use has shown that they far outlast synthetic slings on the market and we were satisfied with the positive outcome on this complex application.”

Richard Miller

Lifting Specialist

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